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As mobile phones and tablets have become part of our lives, so have apps. We want to be entertained, productive, and informed wherever we happen to be. Mobile apps allow us to stay connected and customize our digital lives. Having your own mobile app helps you become part of someone else's digital life.

Why purchase a mobile app?

When someone downloads and installs your app, your business now occupies space on their phone. As simple as it may sound, your app is now an icon on their homescreen instead of a search result if they happen to search for you. By having an app on a customers phone, you now have a direct marketing channel to that individual. You can send notifications directly to the users phone instead of just sending an email that you hope doesn't end up in their trash or spam folder.

You can now send them event updates, special offers, documentation, and much much more...


Pricing varies based upon the features you select and/or the complexity of the app.

"I already have a website. I don't think I need an app."

Websites are definitely a necessity, but let's take a moment to compare a website to having a mobile app:



As you can see, more mobile users choose to launch an app than a mobile website. A mobile website is still necessary for individuals that depend on search results to find your business. In conclusion, you want potential customers to find your business wether it be from a web search or by downloading your app. 

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