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These days, its not enough to have website. Your website needs to be accessible on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. More and more people only visit websites from the mobile device than ever before. 

In the past, some websites were built on Flash technology to incorporate video and audio into a visitors experience. Most mobile devices no longer even support Flash and therefore cannot view Flash content. 

Websites can now be built to be "Responsive". A responsive website automatically adjusts to the viewing port of the end user. For instance, images and text would not have to be zoomed in on to view nor would you have to zoom out to understand what you were seeing. Certain elements can even be disabled and others enabled automatically depending on the device. 

We offer mobile only websites because some clients feel that they don't benefit from a full desktop site and it's also a cost efficient way to test a market. 

One could go even further with the design of a mobile website by adding features like "Call now" or "Directions" right on the front page. These items wouldn't be visible to a desktop/laptop user.

Contact us today to find out what your mobile site options are. Your needs might be met by a simple responsive website or you may need certain features to appear only to mobile site viewers.

Site Type Comparison
Site types
Content Display
Non-responsive No changes to content. No need
Responsive Changes proportions of content to be more easily shown on a mobile device. Content from original site is not affected. Buttons from regular site are made to fit viewing area.Content and features can be filterd in this view
Mobile Optimized The user experience is optomized to encourage action (Call Now or Directions for example) from a mobile user while not affecting the original site. Custom buttons such a "Call Now" or "Directions" can be added to get a response from mobile users.Content and features can be filterd in this view.

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