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You don't need to buy ads to get traffic to your website. If you have the best answer to a user's search, Google will show them your link.

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You CAN compete with the big brand names. You'll just need a different strategy.

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Social Media posts are not the only way to get people to consider your product or service.

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Your competition is not implementing search engine optimization. They think they have it all covered.

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rich canales seo expert

Dear Friend,

We’ve all struggled with getting qualified traffic to our websites. You’re not alone. The good news is that you can leverage Google to send people to your site by answering their queries better than your competition. 

Here’s the deal:

Search engines like Google WANT to direct people to your website. The trick is that your site has to be the best answer to their query. 

Google has a “wishlist“. This list changes regularly. Search engine optimization helps your site climb the ranks in Google search results and therefore gets you more clicks. 

Today, I’m Going Offer You a FREE Audit of Your Website to Show You Some of The Opportunities You Have to Rank Higher in Search Results.

Listen, You Are Absolutely Not Alone.

Most business owners don't even know that Google has a "wishlist".

And that’s why it’s fate you’re here today...

Now, in case you don’t know who I am, my name’s Rich Canales, and I’m the founder of Canalestech.

And my personal mission is to help entrepreneurs, like yourself, compete in their location and industry.

I’ve worked hard to understand what it is that search engines like Google, want to see on a site in order to show it to people when they search for something. 

As a new business owner, I have found the service and support provided by Canalestech to be top notch. They have been responsive and attentive to my needs. They know what I need even when I don’t and they deliver.

Tangular Irby

Author of "Pearl and Her Gees Bend Quilt"

I appreciated the honest and practical approach on how to improve my business and social media foot print for my DJ Business. The use of Analytics to back up the the new business plans really sold me.

Norman Holbrook Jr.

Owner of Brookluva Productions and DJ

Absolutely amazes me how Richard changed our company from an online perspective. Anytime you’re thinking doing great hire professional and you’ll find out how great you can be! I would highly recommend them!

Doug George

Owner of Amped Fitness CT

But That’s Not All...

To ensure your success… and to give you the biggest leg-up possible with getting traffic to your website…

I’m going to a few bonuses that will help you along the way. I put these together because these are the things I struggled with and they were also the things my clients were asking for. 

how to market your business ebook

Yep, it’s true.

Every business I work with gets a FREE copy of “Over 40 Ways to Market Your Business“.

The methods in this eBook will help boost and systematize your marketing efforts. 

This can easily be handed off to an employee and become a regular set of tasks built into your advertising budget. 

In this eBook, you’ll find strategies that work for national and local busniesses. 

Absolutely FREE!


Canalestech is an SEO agency in Tolland Connecticut offering cost-effective solutions to small and medium businesses. We provide a full SEO arsenal to help our clients achieve long-term online success.

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