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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free business listing provided by Google that displays information about your company like your address, hours of operation, a link to your website, pics of your staff, and even shows a call button for mobile users. 

As an added benefit, you can post to your listing regularly to keep your clients up to date. 

There’s an incredible amount of information that can be added to a GMB listing. It is extremely important that your listing is setup properly and strategically. We can do that for you. 


How it works

Google My Business Setup

Rank Higher Locally in Google
  • We help you claim your listing
  • We setup all vital information
  • Target the correct audience
  • Help you get reviews
  • Help you keep in touch with local customers
  • Get customers to call you
  • Provide directions to your business
  • Display your hours
  • Advertise Specials

For Example


What can I do with a Google My Business listing?

Your  listing allows you to show up when people are looking for a product or service near their location. You can show your business hours, driving directions, customer reviews, photos of your establishment and staff, plus much more. 

Your competition has claimed their listing. Make sure you claim yours.

Many people don’t click on the “Website” button if they find what they’re looking for in your GMB listing. Why keep searching if their search result shows them what they want. For example, what if your potential customer is simply looking for a store that happens to be open? 

We help businesses claim their FREE listing and then optimize it to reach local customers. 

Show up for local search results

Tell your community about your business 

Dominate your local market

Show up for “near me” searches


Canalestech is an SEO agency in Tolland Connecticut offering cost-effective solutions to small and medium businesses. We provide a full SEO arsenal to help our clients achieve long-term online success.

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