Strategy Sprint

We map out a path to higher rankings and greater authority in search results.

We map out a path to higher rankings and greater authority in search results.

A defined path

Our Strategy Sprints are based on data. We will analyze your website against the market to construct a clear path to higher rankings in search engines like Google.

Welcome the Strategy Sprint

Analytics review

We go in and verify that your tracking is setup properly in order to ensure your data is sound for reporting.

Competitor analysis

We’ll take a look at your competitors and industry in order to reverse engineer a strategy for your company.

The Website Quality Audit

Our proprietary tool (the Website Quality Audit) allows us to find and fix all of your website’s SEO issues.

Comprehensive SEO strategy

Our findings are compiled into an actionable SEO strategy. We will walk you through what needs to be done move you up in search engine results (SERPs).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Strategy Sprints are designed to not only inform you about road blocks that are hindering your success, but to also remove those road blocks before you invest time and money into creating and distributing content. This way your efforts can be rewarded without anything stopping you. 

Your competitors are analyzed to find out what is already working in your industry. We can speed up your success by knowing which path has already worked for competitors. 

The results of your Strategy Sprint are used to tell you what’s next and how to accomplish it. We’ll walk you through the results and fix the issues we find.

A Strategy Sprint is designed to allow you to grow. Think of it as if you’re removing obstacles you didn’t know you had.

Once we’ve fixed the technical issues on your site, we’ll talk about your current content and how to move it up the search rankings.

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