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We know you don’t like contracts. Neither do we. Just buy what you need. No pressure and no obligation. 

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Our agency doesn’t require long term contracts and therefore you get results sooner.
With our packaged campaigns, you only buy what you need.

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Website Technical Audit

There can be technical issues preventing your site from achieving higher rankings in Google. Your site may look fine, but Google has a wish list.

With this package, we will inspect your site and work to address any technical issues and help construct a better structure to gain the visibility you need.

Content Campaign

A content campaign is going to optimize the content you already have on your site to rank better in Google search results and we’ll also work to create new content to help your site rank for more keywords therefore attracting new visitors.

Link Acquisition Campaign

Having great content isn’t enough. You needs links to help people find it.

We will acquire links to your content to get as many people as possible to view your content.

We will acquire links to your content to get as many people as possible to view your content.

Google considers links as a ranking factor. We will help you acquire as many relevant links as possible to move your content up the search rankings.

SEO services

We’ve moved away from long term contracts and simply give our clients what they need when they need it.

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Do have a local business?

82% of consumers turn to local search engines when looking for local products and services

map pack

This could be your "Before" and "After" for "Near Me" searches

before geogrid
after geo grid

great reputation

“As a new business owner, I have found the service and support provided by Canalestech to be top notch. They have been responsive and attentive to my needs. They know what I need even when I don’t and they deliver.”


We use custom tools

We've developed custom tools to provide more relevant data on sites just like yours. These tools allow us to dive deeper into the insights that will help your company grow.

White hat organic growth

Other agencies may have guaranteed "#1 Rankings", but the truth is that there are no guarantees. Google updates its algorithm regularly and adjustments need to be made.
We can however guarantee more traffic to your site and most importantly to your money pages.

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Talk to an SEO specialist about getting more organic traffic and revenue with our short term SEO services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our SEO campaigns are not meant to go on indefinitely and therefore we don’t require a monthly retainer. This system can save your business a lot of money over time and you know exactly what you’re getting. 

You only buy what you need.

  • If you have technical issues, then the Website Technical Audit is all you need to buy.
  • If you have content, but want it to perform better, then you need the Content Campaign.
  • If you need to show up for more keywords then the Content Campaign is for you.
  • If you have all of the above and just need your awesome content to get more clicks then buy the Link Acquisition Campaign.

The time it will take us to complete a campaign is dependent upon the number of issues/pages in the order. 

Since an SEO campaign is focused on what you need and you’re not tied to a long term contract, you save money by not having to pay retainers. 

Each campaign is designed to get more people to visit your site and therefore you get an opportunity to continually show people your offer. 

SEO optimizes your site to be the best answer for queries in search engines like Google. 

  • When people search for something, your site link shows up and answers their question. 
  • On that page, you show them your offer. 

While you certainly could run ads to these pages, Google will index the page anyway and rank it among the other websites competing for that keyword.


Canalestech is an SEO agency in Tolland Connecticut offering cost-effective solutions to small and medium businesses. We provide a full SEO arsenal to help our clients achieve long-term online success.

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