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Canalestech is an SEO and digital marketing company based in Tolland, CT focused on helping small to medium sized businesses compete in an increasingly challenging marketplace. 

My Story

My name is Rich Canales and I was an IT technician working at a Fortune 500 company, but still living paycheck to paycheck.

I had a family and a house to support while living paycheck to paycheck.

I got into IT because I had always been a techie, but I also thought it was going to be my path to financial freedom. Techs made a lot of money right?

I was making enough money to pay most of our bills, but not all of them. I had accumulated all of this skill and somehow wasn’t profiting the way I thought I would.

My wife worked 3rd shift so we didn’t have to put our kids in daycare. We just couldn’t afford it. It broke my heart that she didn’t get a night’s rest for years simply because (as I saw it) I didn’t make enough money.

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I traded IT services for a chance to train at an MMA gym. I trained in martial arts most of my life and saw this as a great opportunity to continue training without having to pay for it.

One day the head coach walked up to me and said “You do computers. Build us a website.”
I knew nothing about building websites. I fix computers and manage networks. Those two skill sets are nothing alike, but I wasn’t going to tell my coach “No.”

I went home and read up on everything I could find about building a website. I watched videos, called people that had already done it. I read everything I could on how to start. Eventually, I did build that website and they loved it.

One day my coach came up to me asking why I hadn’t built the website. I was seriously confused. We walked over to his computer and he showed me the problem. He didn’t type in the website’s address, he simply performed a Google search for it and couldn’t find it.

I explained to him that he had to type in the website’s address to find it. He typed it in and there it was. While he liked the site, he had a question that stopped me in my tracks. My coach asked me if people don’t know our address ahead of time, how will they find us?

I didn’t have an answer.

I asked a random guru on the Internet to tell me what was wrong with the site. On the day he agreed to look at it, he asked me what the site was about. I said it was a site for the MMA gym I went to. He looked at the site and told me and said “ You know what? It looks like this site could be about any MMA gym.” He pointed out that he didn’t find anything specific to the gym I trained at.
I looked at the site again and came to the same conclusion. This site was generic. It was no wonder my coach couldn’t find it.
My journey to find out why a beautiful website couldn’t be found had begun.

Little by little, I learned about adding and adjusting specific things on a website could make it more visible.
With a little more searching, I found out this way of making a website more visible was called SEO.

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This was it. I had found a way to use computers to help businesses. I would learn SEO and find people with websites that needed to rank higher in search engines. I trained to audit websites and figure out what needed to be done to make search engines love them.

I now had all this knowledge of how to rank websites, but the business owners I spoke to hadn’t even heard of SEO. I had to find a way to educate them on how SEO could help them without bombarding them with technobabble.

I used my skill at auditing websites to help them understand. I found that if I audited their competitor’s websites and compared it to theirs, they could see that there was a gap they hadn’t noticed before. Their competitors were being found on search engines and they weren’t.

They then understood that if a potential customer could find their competitor’s website and not theirs, money would be lost on a regular basis.

I started performing competitive analysis for potential customers instead of trying to sell them on the technical wonders of SEO. I now show business owners what needs to be done in order for them to rank higher in the search engines without them having to know how I do it.

After finding out that I could help business owners enjoy more success without having to change how they do business, I was able to create a more comfortable life for my family.

Another personal joy I get is seeing a business owner’s face when they discover they outrank their competitors and have added a great deal of revenue to their business and that’s why I’m now offering businesses competitive analysis services to help them rank higher and sell more products or services.

What I Do

As a CT SEO agency, I work with companies to get their websites ranking higher in Google search results by auditing their site, fixing any structural issues, optimizing their current content, and creating new SEO friendly content. Since there is no “One size fits all” solution to marketing, we take the time to know our clients, how they do business, and their market. We believe knowing your client is knowing their solution. 

We’ve been known to stop by a CT business just to get a feel for the culture of the company to make sure we’re operating within their comfort zone. We like to get to know our clients. One way or another, our goal it have a positive impact on every business we work with. 

Who I Work With

I work with businesses of all sizes that need to expand their online reach and establish their brand.

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Canalestech is an SEO agency in Tolland Connecticut offering cost-effective solutions to small and medium businesses. We provide a full SEO arsenal to help our clients achieve long-term online success.

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