We use data to get the best content on your site. Users all over the world are searching for answers. Your site needs to have the best answers to their questions. Your answers need to rank high than those of your competition.

A defined path

My Content Campaigns are based on data. Potential buyers enter keywords (words or phrases) into search engines. I will do the keyword research to find the right keywords for you to target AND satisfy their query. 

Welcome the Content Campaign

Content ideation

Ranking in search engines requires your site to be a good answer for a person’s query. We’ll figure out what content needs to be on your site, create an outline based on data, and help you get that content created.

I’ll let you know what format your content should take:

  • Sales Page
  • Location Page
  • Blog Post
  • Product Page
  • etc…

Content Creation

Writing content for your site can be difficult because, even if you are a good writer, it can be very time-consuming. 

Not only will I do the keyword research to come up with content ideas based on data, but I’ll also write the drafts for you if you choose.

I’ll also conduct an audit of your Google Business Profile if you’re a brick-and-mortar business to show up for “near me” searches.

I can add the content to your site

I understand that not everyone has a dedicated web designer to add content to your WordPress blog or landing pages. I can get that done for you if needed. 

This way, you get the benefit of attracting more leads to your site, without taking time away from what you do best. 


We all have competitors. Some may even be ranking higher than us in search results. 

This can be addressed. I can find the keywords your competitors are already ranking for and put together a strategy to get your content to rank even higher. 


Together we’ll:

  • Find what your competitors are ranking for
  • Develop a keyword list for you based on their traffic
  • Write content that better serves your customers
  • Get it on your site and get it indexed by Google
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How Does Content Help You Sell?

Your ideal customers will search for a solution to their problem. They need to hire a DJ, they want to learn more about how interest rates impact inflation, or they just want to buy a cute little dog sweater. 

You don’t need to run ads to get people to see this content. You just need to have content on your site about that topic that search engines value.

  1. Your ideal customers will enter a search term into a search engine like Google or Bing.

  2. They’ll see a bunch of results, one of which will be yours.

  3. When they click on it, they’ll see the answer to their query (your content).

  4. Inside that content is a CTA (Call-to-Action). This is an offer for your products or services (this is not an ad).

  5. They click on the CTA because it solves the problem they searched for and can now consider buying your products or service.

  6. You did not have to run an ad to get this click. All you had to do was answer the searcher’s query.

Here's What a Content Campaign Can Do for You

You’re going to love this campaign. This is where we’ll create and update content to attract your dream client.




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Blog Post Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. This information is publicly available for ALL websites. There are lots of tools out there that can tell you what your competitors are ranking for. This is partly how platforms determine how much it will cost if you were to choose to run an ad for a particular keyword.

Your current content will be inspected and we’ll work with you to determine if that content should be updated, deleted, or if that page should be redirected to another page.

You don’t have to write the content yourself. If you don’t have a writer, we can refer you to copywriters that are experienced at writing content that is SEO optimized. 

You will need someone to implement the changes we recommend. If you don’t have someone, we can recommend you to a few companies we’ve worked with in the past, or leverage my web design team. 

Ranking can take a couple of months. The search engine has to discover your content and evaluate it for quality. When it does start ranking, you’ll be able to watch it move up in the search result listings. 


The Content Campaign guarantee is that I will deliver agreed-upon content that has at least an 80% chance of ranking on the first page of Google within 9 months of publishing.

If I fail to do this, I will refund your payment for that Content Campaign in full and give you 2 blog posts that will already be SEO-optimized for your domain rank and niche within 30 days of the refund. 

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