Link acquisition campaign

Boost your rankings with links. Links from other websites are like popularity votes. The more relative, authoritative links your site has, the better its chances of ranking higher in search results. 

A defined path

Our Link Acquisitions Campaigns are based on data. High quality links move your content up in search engine rankings and position your site as an authority.

Welcome the Link Acquisition campaign

We'll identify your target pages

Our efforts will be focused on your money pages. Some pages will have more impact on your business than others.

Your target pages will move up the search engine rankings and get more views and clicks from Google and other websites.

Link profile audit

Your website will be audited to determine the best link types for your business.

Link prospecting

We’ll leverage our relationships with authoritative websites to build a list of sites, relevant to your site and industry, to reach out to for a link. 

Link acquisition

We work directly with those sites to acquire links for you. 

Here's What a Link Campaign Can Do for You

This campaign will help your content become more popular and raise your authority in your industry




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You Also Get These FREE Email Templates


Email Templates to offer your links to site owners.


The Link Acquisition Campaign guarantee is that I will deliver on a strategy that will potentially increase traffic to your website by at least 10%.

If I fail to do this, I will refund your payment for that website technical audit in full and give you 2 blog posts that will already be SEO optimized for your domain rank and niche within 30 days of the refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Links can be viewed as indicators of popularity on the Internet. The more authoritative and popular the site that links to you is, the more popular and authoritative your site becomes. 

The price of links can vary based on how many links you need and which site will be providing the link. You’ll know ahead of time what the cost will be and which site will be linking to yours.  

Your content will attract links organically, but that can take a very long time. A person would have to view content and feel that your content would benefit their audience. This can take a long time and you have no control over the authority of the linking site. 

Links add value to content. Website owners link to other content to create a better experience for their audience. Our goal is to pitch your content to other website owners to provide a better experience for their visitors. 

We’ll analyze the market for the topic you’re trying to rank. That data will include how many links will be required to move your content up the search results compared to the sites that are already ranking.

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