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This is usually followed by a Google search for “How to know if you need a new website”. Your website helps you get new business, maintain customer loyalty, and establish your authority in an industry. Its role is crucial in an age when 85 percent of Americans go online at least once a month. Reaching a majority of these users will allow your business to thrive. But how do you do it? The answer is web design. 

You need to make sure that people find your website. You can run your own SEO audit to get an idea if pursuing a new website is in your future. 

An Updated Website Increases Your Online Presence

About 88 percent of consumers research a product online before making a purchase. The same is true for getting services. Consumers need access to information before they make any decision. And your website needs to provide them with what they need to know.

Apart from addressing your consumers’ concerns, your website also has to look good and professional. A well-designed website, with updated and accurate information, can inspire consumer confidence. Consider how 70 percent of consumers say they trust brand websites.

If your site’s visitors have doubts about your authenticity as a business, they’ll leave. Or worse, if visitors find your site untrustworthy, they may tell other people or write about it on social media. Either way, a bad review can affect traffic to your site. Getting enough visitors to your website builds your online presence,  giving your business better exposure and more reach. 

But what if your website is no longer getting enough visitors? There are several reasons your website is no longer driving traffic; it could be a major technical issue on your page or an algorithm update. If this happens, creating a new website might be necessary. 

Telltale Signs of an Outdated Website

Your current website might not be getting enough visits and meeting your customers’ needs because of the following:

  • Your Website is Ranking Poorly

Appearing on the first page of search engine result pages (SERPs) like Google is crucial for businesses. A top position means boosting your brand awareness, authority, and traffic because Google generates over 3.5 billion searches every day. 

An effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can help you earn a top spot on the SERPs. But SEO guidelines change over time and certain problems may affect your ranking performance. The issues can come from a single page or from the entire website. The best way to figure out the problem is to get a website audit.

  • The Content is No Longer Relevant

When it comes to SEO, giving your audience too much content won’t get you anywhere. Instead, you must provide them with high-quality content that meets their needs. Spend time understanding your market and identifying their pain points. 

Be specific, current, and relevant. Apply market segmentation so you can address the unique needs of every consumer to further satisfy them. Segmentation is a process of categorizing your market into different sections according to certain criteria, including accessibility, homogenous, differentiable, and measurable. You must deliver your message to the right audience to maximize opportunities. 

  • You’re Not Using Videos 

When you create a new website, your content shouldn’t consist of only texts and images. If done correctly, including videos on your site can contribute to achieving your business goals, too. Consider the following statistics about the state of video marketing from a HubSpot report:

    • 97 percent of marketers believe consumers understand a product or service better through videos
    • 76 percent of marketers state that videos have helped them increase sales
    • 76 percent of marketers also think videos have helped them increase traffic
    • 95 percent of consumers watch an explainer video to know more about a product or a service
    • 81 percent of consumers buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video

You’re missing out on these opportunities when you’re not using video marketing on your website. Filming and editing are relatively easy today because of user-friendly tools. You can also just hire a video production company to create your content.

Professionally-produced web videos can be effective in marketing your business. It can boost your site’s traffic. It can also secure your authority in an industry. But make sure to produce video content that your audience wants and needs.

  • Your Website Design is Not User-Friendly

Your website has to look good to entice visitors to stay and explore. But it can’t just look pretty. It also has to function well. Visitors have to navigate your site easily, so they won’t feel frustrated and leave. Professional web design should be considered.

With proper execution, you can come up with a beautiful website that is easy to use. Start with a consistent style throughout; for example, links in blog posts that are highlighted in blue tell your visitors that they’re clickable. Next, label your icons to prevent confusion. Your icons might appear cute, but if users don’t understand what they represent, they won’t be able to navigate your site easily. Then, make sure each page has a logical flow, telling your visitors where to go or what to read next.

When it comes to your website, form attracts but function allows visitors to stay — and eventually transact business with you.

  • Your Website is Not Mobile-Responsive

About 83.0 percent of Internet users go online using a mobile phone. It’s essential that your website can immediately provide the information that users need, especially for those who are always on-the-go. If the mobile version of your website takes time to load, you may lose potential customers as they’re more likely to visit other sites. 

It’s also worth noting that in July 2018, Google has implemented the mobile-first indexing. This update uses page speed on the mobile version as a ranking factor.

New Website, Better Opportunities  

Every website will need an update. The revamp isn’t just to meet the changing SEO guidelines, but it’s also a way to maintain your target market’s interest. It’s also key to staying competitive as new sites go live.

With a better website design, you can maintain customer loyalty. You can appeal to new consumers and you have a chance to get top ranking on the SERPs, opening your business to greater opportunities. Don’t be surprised if you finding yourself performing the same Google search “How to know if you need a new website” down the road. It’s normal. It’s a sign that you are willing to make the necessary adjustments to improve your business. 

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