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Why Do I Need a Digital Marketer?

why do i need a digital marketer

Why do I need a digital marketer?

You’ve heard about digital marketing and you’re pretty sure your business needs it. You may have tried to take on this challenge, but at some point you’ve asked yourself “Why do I need a Digital Marketer?”. The first five years are often the toughest times for small business owners. But with a digital marketer by your side, the first five years could be easier. Hiring an experienced professional for your digital marketing needs will give you more time, energy, and even savings to make sure your business succeeds.

Here’s how a digital marketer can help you improve business results.

Effective Digital Marketing Takes Time

Online presence matters a lot in a world where eight in 10 Americans shop online. People prefer to click for their purchases instead of walking into a store. Without an online presence today, you could be losing valuable opportunities this very moment, from getting new customers to more sales.

Digital marketing is an effective approach that targets the right market and reaches an even wider audience.

But you might not have enough time to work on your marketing because you need to focus on running your business. Sure, you might be willing to take on new skills. As the head of your business, you’re likely to wear many hats.

Digital marketing can be complex, and it will take up a lot of your time. It’s different from what it was before. It doesn’t just demand a different process but also a commitment to time.

Thirty-eight percent of digital marketing pros typically work eight hours on a daily basis. Meanwhile, 33 percent work between nine to 12 hours per day, every day. Fifteen percent, on the other hand, say, “If I’m awake, I’m working,” meaning every waking hour is a working hour. Although, 14 percent share they work no more than four hours per day.

This is how time-consuming digital marketing can be. It could take up a majority of your day to plan and carry out effective campaigns. Meanwhile, you still have to run your company. The good news is a digital marketer can do the job for you.

Digital marketing is a full-time gig that remains crucial to your business’s success in the long run. The best thing to do is to focus on your company, and let someone else find leads and grow your customer base.

digital marketer

A Digital Marketer Provides Long-Term, Cost-Effective Benefits

Cost is the one thing that often makes most entrepreneurs turn down the idea of outsourcing. But the upfront cost of hiring a digital marketing service will pay off in long-term benefits. It’s a smart investment because a professional marketer will use your money on strategies that deliver results.

Imagine having someone work their way around unnecessary expenses. A professional will cut ineffective advertising platforms, which, in turn, saves you money.

A reliable and experienced professional web marketer will plan and create high-quality content, apply white hat techniques, and continually optimize your website.

The right digital marketer will also keep tabs on your competition. Digital marketing’s biggest advantage is that it levels the playing field for small businesses. Success in online marketing is not about the company with the most money. The highest rank goes to the one who understands and uses effective SEO techniques. That’s where a digital marketer comes in.

But you will need two things when you hire a specialist: patience and confidence. Why? Results take time, but your business will see long-term benefits.

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Experts can Address Your Complex Digital Marketing Needs

Digital marketing is a complex platform. It’s a field that requires a wide variety of skills that isn’t easy to learn overnight. What’s more, the breadth of knowledge you need in digital marketing could take years to acquire. You also need to keep up with new techniques.

As for SEO, that’s an entirely different and complicated story. Changes take place at breakneck speed. Google, for example, updates thrice a day on average. It releases multiple changes each day to improve its results and help searchers find what they need.

Why does the search engine matter to your SEO strategy?

Every day, nearly 4 billion searches show up on Google. If your business doesn’t show up on its search engine results pages (SERPs), you’ll miss out on lucrative opportunities.

So it pays to keep up with the changes, which is part of a digital marketer’s job.

Also, Local SEO and National SEO are major categories under digital marketing. Here are the others:

  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

A digital marketer will manage all these to make sure your SERP ranking and online presence will improve your bottom line.

As more customers flock to your business, you’ll reap the financial rewards. Eventually, you’ll ensure its profitability and stability.

Times have changed in marketing. And it’s vital to your survival to adapt.

With the experience and resources of a digital marketer, you can keep up with the changes. You can do so without worrying about the day-to-day running of your business.

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketer?

Some businesses already have a beautiful website, while others may already be running ads. Each business has it’s own special set of needs. If ask a digital marketer how much their work is going to cost, they’ll say “It depends”. That’s true because they’ll need to figure out a plan based on your needs before they can tell you what it’s going to cost.

A word of advice

Make sure your digital marketer/SEO runs an SEO audit on your site and gives you documentation of the results.

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